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The Gordon Chin Community Leadership Fund honors and expands the extraordinary community development work that Gordon has led and personified locally and nationally for more than three decades.  You can never have enough leadership” is a phrase which Gordon has often used in his thirty four year tenure as founding Executive Director of the Chinatown CDC.

This campaign seeks to raise $1 million by spring 2012 to support three important leadership goals of the Chinatown CDC. Funds will be used to expand our community leadership programs and to enhance our ability to respond quickly to address important community issues.

Kickoff Reception


The Chinatown CDC Story

Chinatown CDC has been a national leader in civil rights, Asian American and Community Development movements. The organization has been recognized for its innovation in urban neighborhood policy, for its intergenerational approach to resident organizing, for creative housing models serving seniors, immigrant families, homeless veterans and many other at risk populations, and for its place based planning embracing arts and culture.

  • Spread the Chinatown CDC Story through documentation of Chinatown CDC models of community planning, community organizing and innovative affordable housing models in order to continue strengthen the community development field.

Bringing San Francisco Neighborhoods Together

Over the last three decades, Chinatown CDC has invested heavily in developing Chinatown’s vast social capital, turning it into this neighborhood’s most valuable asset. Under the leadership of incoming Executive Director Norman Fong, the Chinatown CDC will enter a new era of community building, one which builds on its natural Chinatown base to touch many San Francisco neighborhoods, and which embraces the social justice values of the organization.

  • Expand and promote the cultivation of new community leaders, strengthen the effectiveness of existing community-based organizations, and establish supportive networks for mutual assistance, resource sharing, and collaborative problem solving across racial, gender and neighborhood lines.

Nurturing Future Leaders

Chinatown CDC believes that successful leaders are grounded in strong, vibrant communities. We will continue to encourage individuals to assume leadership positions at work and in the community, to be informed and vocal about policy issues relevant to Asian Americans and ultimately, and to become role models for future leaders.

  • Encourage and train immigrants, seniors, and youth to participate in City commissions, committees, nonprofit boards, and issue campaigns and be involved in their communities.


Ways to Give to the Gordon Chin Community Leadership Fund

Please consider making a gift in honor of Gordon Chin’s 33 year history at Chinatown Community Development Center (CDC).  Your gift will go directly to supporting the Gordon Chin Community Leadership Fund Campaign, which will strengthen the leadership of future generations and sustain housing opportunities for San Francisco residents. All gifts are gratefully accepted.  Gifts can be pledged over a period of three years.

Over the past three decades, Gordon has provided extraordinary leadership as the founding Executive Director of Chinatown Community Development Center.  Your investment in this Campaign strengthens and assures that Chinatown CDDC excellence in the community continues on.

Gift Categories




$25,000 - $49,999


$15,000 - $24,999


$5,000 - $14,999


$3,000 - $4,999

All gifts, no matter what the size, are counted toward the campaign. And all those who make a gift will play an important role in bringing Chinatown CDC to a new level of capability and quality.

Thank you. 


Gordon Chin Community Leadership Fund Campaign Council (Partial Listing)

V. Fei Tsen – Campaign Council Co-Chair

Anne Halsted – Campaign Council Co-Chair


Mayor Ed Lee, City and County of San Francisco

Willie Brown, Former Mayor of San Francisco

David Chiu, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Amy Chung

Doreen and James Ho

Wayne Hu

Boris Dramov

Bonnie Fisher

Sandra Hernandez

Pauline Javier

Lucinda Lee Katz

Joanne Lee

Allan Low

Joy Ou

Rose Pak

Gloria So

Dianne Spaulding

Dede Wilsey


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