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P3_GrantAve Chinatown Community Planning

Chinatown is a vibrant neighborhood with more than 20,000 residents. With strong community institutions like churches, family associations, non-profit organizations, and events like community festivals, Chinatown stands as a cultural hub for the entire Bay Area.

The neighborhood also faces unique challenges including aging infrastructure and housing stock,

overcrowding, and economic stagnancy. Chinatown CDC is committed to ensuring Chinatown and surrounding neighborhoods retain a strong residential base, abundant social services, neighborhood-serving businesses, cultural institutions, and a historical physical character.  By organizing and empowering residents and tenants in citywide planning dialogue, we develop and advocate for concrete plans to address the diverse needs of the Chinatown community.  We work in the areas of affordable housing, equitable transportation, creative open space, livable streets, and culturally-sensitive economic development.


Chinatown CDC's Approach to Planning

  • Community-based neighborhood planning from the ground up

  • Organizing and empowering tenants to engage in citywide planning dialogue

  • Bringing together multiple stakeholders to build consensus around planning projects

  • Developing concrete ideas and implementation for Chinatown

Core Projects

Equitable Transportation

Open Space

Chinatown CDC advocates for predominantly monolingual, immigrant, low-income seniors, and families...

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Traditional open space is a scarce resource in Chinatown. In 1991 Reverend Norman Fong...
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Arts and Economic Development

Livable Streets

Chinatown has a rich history and provides an authentic experience for visitors because of its thriving resident...

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The majority of Chinatown residents depend on safe streets and public transit to reach their daily...

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Building Community Leadership


Chinatown CDC is invested in training youth and professionals in urban planning in order to develop...

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Asian Pacific Heritage Month: Illegal immigrant became Student Senate, Steve Li received award


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