Tenderloin Family Housing

Address: 201 Turk
Phone: 415-921-8695

Art Evans had a vision of affordable family housing, with ground floor commercial spaces, quality finishes and interior open space, transforming the Tenderloin. Working with his company, AF Evans Co., Chinatown CDC helped to make that vision a reality, including raising what was then an unheard of amount of tax credit equity. The project flew in the face of the perceived wisdom of the time that mid-rise buildings were inappropriate for family housing. It has been an unqualified success and its community room has been used by nonprofits, community members, and government officials who need space for a large meeting. Chinatown CDC Resident Services Division provides supporting services such as tutoring and activities for the families living in the building. Among the residents are native speakers of at least eleven different languages.

Building Information
Population: Families
Square Footage: 185,890
Unit Type: 12 studios, 81 one-bedrooms, 45 two-bedrooms, 37 three-bedrooms
Resident Services: Provided by Chinatown CDC
Waiting List: CLOSED

Chinatown CDC Role: Developer, Manager
Funding Sources: Mayor's Office of Housing, SF Redevelopment Agency, CHRP, CTCAC, Wells Fargo Bank, CitiCorp
Contractor: Roberts Obayashi
Architect: HKIT
Construction Type: New
Development Cost: $35,873,216

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