Swiss American Hotel

Address: 534 Broadway
Phone: 415-397-4338

In 1984, the tenants of the Swiss American Hotel instituted a rent strike to force the owners to make needed improvements to the building. The owners decided to sell the building to Chinatown CDC and once we acquired the property, we began rehabilitation of the building. The reconstruction added community rooms and kitchens as well as major improvements to the individual units. The Swiss American is now a model of well-designed and sensitively managed housing in a shared living environment. On the ground level, Chinatown CDC has leased the storefronts to community-minded businesses, including the Beat Museum.

Building Information
Square Footage: 20,300
Unit Type: 66 Single-Room Occupancy units (SROs)
Resident Services: Provided by Chinatown CDC
Waiting List: CLOSED

Chinatown CDC Role: Developer, Owner, Manager
Funding Sources: Mayor's Office of Housing, State, Citicorp
Contractor: Transworld Construction
Architect: Asian Neighborhood Design
Construction Type: Rehabilitation
Development Cost: $2,689,121

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