Notre Dame Apartments

Address: 1590 Broadway
Phone: 415-673-2011

Notre Dame Apartments was originally constructed as a sanitarium in 1909, eventually becoming a hospital with additional wings added in the 1920s and 1950s. The building was converted to residential use in the mid-1970’s as affordable housing for the elderly and disabled. After 20 years as affordable housing, the project was threatened with rent increases to market rates that would have displaced the residents. Chinatown CDC worked with the tenants – predominantly Russian and Chinese speaking seniors – for years in preparation for this potential. Starting in 1996, working with the residents and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, Chinatown CDC made several efforts to purchase the building, finally succeeding in 2000 when SFRA was able to arrange the purchase of five buildings from the owner of Notre Dame. Chinatown CDC was selected to develop and rehab the property, and performed an extensive rehabilitation. The work was done with tenants in place, with all residents briefly relocated twice to other units in the building. Today the building houses over 250 senior residents.

Building Information
Population: Seniors
Square Footage: 130,000
Unit Type: 144 studios, 57 one-bedrooms
Resident Services: Provided by Chinatown CDC
Waiting List: CLOSED

Chinatown CDC Role: Developer, Owner, Manager
Funding Sources: SF Redevelopment Agency, CTCAC, CDLAC, Citibank, FSB
Contractor: LEM/Transworld and NCR Construction
Architect: Asian Neighborhood Design
Construction Type: Rehabilitation
Development Cost: $13,000,000

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