Hamlin Hotel

Address: 385 Eddy
Phone: 415-567-1363

The Hamlin Hotel was part of a 4 building renovation project, along with the William Penn, Ritz, and Dalt Hotels, by private developer Goldrich & Kest (G&K). When the Hamlin was renovated but not opened, neighbors and community members protested against the act and the poor management of the other buildings. In 1989, Chinatown CDC joined the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation to work on a new partnership, The Tenderloin Hotels, LP and open the building to residents. G&K retained a limited role in the partnership until 1997. The Presbyterian Church in Chinatown adopted the building by providing church volunteers to assist tenants with cleaning their rooms as well as other supportive services.

Building Information
Square Footage: 25,144
Unit Type: 67 Single-Room Occupancy units (SROs)
Resident Services: N/A
Waiting List: For current wait list information please contact Community Housing Partnership at 415-929-2470.

Chinatown CDC Role: Developer, Owner
Funding Sources: Mayor's Office of Housing, State, HUD Section 8
Contractor: N/A
Architect: N/A
Construction Type: Rehabilitation
Development Cost: $3,700,000

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