A Statement from Chinatown Community Development Center

Chinatown CDC stands with the millions of peaceful protesters who are demanding a community where Black Lives Matter and speaking out against the history of institutionalized racism that led to the brutal killing by Police of George Floyd, an African American man. He along with Breonna Taylor, Oscar Grant, and too many other people of color have been unjustly killed by law enforcement.  We cannot let this become normal or acceptable.

For 43 years, Chinatown CDC has had a mission to build community and enhance the quality of life for San Francisco residents, together with our commitment to the empowerment of low-income residents, diversity and coalition building, and social and economic justice. Our work during the last four decades has focused on the empowerment of community and, in doing so, we have been a witness to the injustice and inequality facing Black, Indigenous and People of Color. This work is hard and clearly we have not done enough. We pledge to do more and better to support our residents, our staff and our community.

Our Community and our residents are at the core of our work and are the beating heart of what we do. As we confront this moment that heart is bleeding and demanding real change to the systems of oppression that hold down, disempower and kill our black brothers and sisters. Inwardly we are committed to the work of Equity and Inclusion and taking a hard look, and changing, how our cultural practices may be rooted in systems that are based in implicit biases. Outwardly we pledge to support the cry for justice and the efforts to divest from policing that does not conform to community driven goals, and for increasing resources to other community safety efforts.

We hope that we all join together to create a more just society.


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