Messages from the Executive Director

March 2019

Changing Chinatown for the Better

As a little kid, I remember my mom dressing me and my twin sister in Chinese style clothing and and new shoes. My hair was cut right before New Year’s Day and the whole family cleaned the apartment. My aunties and uncles visited and helped cook a special dinner and we all squeezed together to eat round the table. It was nice to celebrate with extended family members. Of course, we kids got so many red envelopes too! Chinese New Year has always been a BIG DEAL, not only for Chinatown but all over the world.

On a deeper level, the new year represents a “new beginning” for our lives and encourages us to change for the better. I am proud of what we have done at Chinatown CDC to change Chinatown and San Francisco for the better. For example, by the end of 2019, the re-building and renovation of the Pings will be completed!

Ping Yuen was Chinatown’s public housing since the 1950s and is now under Chinatown CDC’s management. Additionally, we’re working on plans to improve Portsmouth Square and Chinese Playground and we even purchased 937 Clay Street through the San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund, saving 71 SRO units of affordable housing for low to moderate income households in Chinatown.

What I really appreciate most is that there are so many people who love and care for Chinatown. We work with so many youth, SRO families and seniors to advocate for a better Chinatown on so many fronts: better housing, public transit, small businesses, open space, alleyways, and we’re working with city departments and SF Police to make Chinatown cleaner and safer.

Behind the scenes, so many of you have contributed to Chinatown CDC so we can get the work done and make improvements for future generations. Chinatown CDC stands on the shoulders of hundreds of donors and volunteers working together to make Chinatown a better place and to build affordable housing throughout San Francisco. Your support is truly an investment in our community.

So, Happy New Year everybody! “Sun Neen Fai Lok” (新年快樂), “Sum Serng See Sing” (心想事成) - May your dreams come true, and “Sun Tai Geen Hong” (身体健康) - Good health to you, so don’t “Pig Out” too much – Ha! Ha!

In Community,
Rev. Norman Fong 方小龍
Executive Director

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