Partnership with Grassroots Groups

grassroots groups
Community Tenants Association (CTA)
Founded in 1987, the Community Tenants Association (CTA) is the largest community based tenant group that organizes to defend the rights of low-income tenants throughout San Francisco. With over 1700 members, CTA advocates for the interest of our community and fosters immigrant leadership to lead citywide issues impacting tenants. We work extensively with CTA for tenants’ rights, preservation of affordable housing, protection of existing tenants from displacement, and awareness on issues impacting the city’s most vulnerable immigrant populations.

Ping Yuen Residents Improvement Association (PYRIA)
Founded in 1967, the Ping Yuen Residents Improvement Association (PYRIA) is one of Chinatown CDC’s founding organizations. PYRIA is one of the most active public housing tenant associations in San Francisco. We work with PYRIA in their struggle for better public housing maintenance, safer communities, and better communication with and service from the San Francisco Housing Authority.

SRO Families Collaborative
As part of the SRO Families Collaborative, we organize families living in Single Room Occupancy hotels to advocate for decent affordable housing. Our families work together city-wide for the well being of our communities, monitoring the rental subsidy program and advocating for an equitable city budget.

We specifically work with Chinatown SRO families and connect them to services such as home visits from Peer Organizers, Super Sunday monthly gatherings at Gordon J. Lau Elementary School, services from the San Francisco Unified School District’s Family in Transition Program including workshops and recreational activities.