CCDC Creative Placemaking Short Films

Chinatown CDC created short films to showcase it’s creative placemaking work by providing an overview of the San Francisco Chinatown neighborhood, the roots of CCDC’s advocacy and cultural work, and examples of storytelling and arts and culture projects intended to honor and promote the community. Each film is about seven minutes long. The series was developed with Arizona State University ( with support from ArtPlace (

Module 1 Chinatown
This video introduces San Francisco Chinatown including its history, culture, physical infrastructure, and economic life as the neighborhood continues to provide a gateway with affordable homes, jobs and services for immigrants today.

Module 2 Chinatown Community Development Center
This short provides an overview of CCDC’s work, including its roots in housing advocacy, tenant organizing, and community-informed planning. CCDC efforts include strategies informed by the everyday culture, practices, and needs of the local residents.

Module 3 Chinatown Pretty
CCDC’s Chinatown Pretty project highlights local seniors, their fashion choices, and their independent lives. The exhibit was coupled with an economic development component to bring attention and incentives to shop at local fashion stores.

Module 4 Chinatown Home Cooking
CCDC’s Chinatown Home Cooking project showcases local home chefs and their journeys shopping, cooking, and eating together with their families. The project also spotlights local grocery and prepared food stores frequented by these every day culture keepers.

Module 5 Stories in Motion
Partnering with Asian Improv aRts (, the Stories in Motion project gathered and presented the stories of residents of CCDC’s Ping Yuen and other affordable housing buildings. The multidisciplinary performances sought to honor the lived experiences of diverse residents and foster deeper relationships amongst residents and staff.

Module 6 Chinatown Creative Placemaking
This video summarizes CCDC’s comprehensive approach to its community development, utilizing creative placemaking as a part of the advocacy and policy work to enhance and preserve Chinatown as a vital immigrant gateway, affordable home, and cultural hub.