Chinatown CDC 18th Annual Work-A-Thon

SAN FRANCISCO (April 5, 2014) -- Chinatown CDC’s Adopt-An-Alleyway (AAA) and Youth for Single-Room Occupancy (YSRO) host their “18th Annual Work-A-Thon” on Saturday April 5, 2014 in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Over 150 students from San Francisco high schools are expected to volunteer to clean the neighborhood.

“The Work-A-Thon brings a diverse group of students together,” said AAA members Aaron Dong and Shirley Tsang. “We develop leadership skills in event planning and organizing.”

AAA youth have organized the Chinatown Work-A-Thon since 1996, leading youth to beautify the neighborhood and to create a harmonious and clean environment. Through this event, the youth hope to remind the public to be more aware of maintaining Chinatown’s environmental health and community appearances and to reduce the amount of litter and graffiti in the neighborhood.

The Work-A-Thon starts at 9:00 a.m. at Portsmouth Square. Youth, volunteers and staff will beautify Chinatown through removing graffiti, gardening, and cleaning the alleyways. After the cleanup, all participants are invited to a community lunch at Donaldina Cameron House, recognizing the efforts of the youth and encouraging participation in future neighborhood cleanups.

“We can work towards a greater cause, improving the living conditions in Chinatown,” said Aaron Dong.

Chinatown CDC thanks the individuals and organizations who are supporting and volunteering for the Chinatown Work-A-Thon. The volunteers participating in this year’s event are from Charity Cultural Services Center, Community Youth Center (CYC), Donaldina Cameron House, Galileo Academy of Science & Technology, George Washington High School, Lincoln High School, and Mission High School.

For more information about future AAA and YSRO activities, please contact Chinatown CDC at (415) 984-1450 or visit

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