Chinatown CDC's Central Subway Work

Chinatown CDC, in partnership with Chinatown Transportation Research Improvement Project (TRIP) and other community based organizations, has advocated for the Central Subway for the last 20 years.

Chinatown is the densest neighborhood in San Francisco and a rare example of a vibrant economic environment that serves low income residents. Our job is to ensure adequate engagement over the course of the project to ensure that this balance is not destroyed - that Chinatown continues to be a vibrant immigrant gateway community during and after construction of the project.

The scope of our work includes strategic planning with the Central Subway outreach team, community engagement for key administrative decisions, identifying and establishing contact with key stakeholders, tenant relocation planning, and neighborhood coordination during construction. We have held and participated in over 50 community meetings in the last 3 years.

Chinatown CDC’s community engagement strategy includes the following objectives:
--- engage low income households to address displacement and relocation impacts - both immediate and long term
--- engage community stakeholders to address replacement housing obligation
--- engage displaced small businesses to address displacement impacts
--- engage community stakeholders around local hiring obligations
--- engage community stakeholders on station site design - ensuring that we have a station that enhances existing community assets rather than transforming Chinatown
--- engage community stakeholders and businesses to design construction impact mitigation package
--- engage community stakeholders to address existing transportation and pedestrian safety issues to ensure comprehensive community transportation system
--- engage city wide stakeholders on broader impacts of TOD on low income communities
--- engage community stakeholders to implement strategies to stabilize Chinatown housing stock in light of expected real estate value increases and resulting speculation

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