By Rev. Norman Fong

November 6, 2017

norman fong

ross alley before renovation
Ross Alley, San Francisco before the renovation

rev norman fong and klay thompson
Rev. Norman Fong and Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

kevin chan golden gate fortune cookies company
Kevin Chan, Golden Gate Fortune Cookies Company

Do you think you know Chinatown well? Let’s take a test to see if you can come up with the right answers.

1) Where can you find the best Fortune Cookies and see them being made?
2) Where can you see the new “Painted Mural of Klay Thompson” of the Warriors basketball team?
3) Where can you find the oldest Chinese Church in America?
4) Where can you find a big statue of Sun Yat Sen and also a Train named in honor of the Chinese Railroad builders?
5) Where was Bruce Lee born?
6) Where was Sifu Wong Jack Man’s martial arts school in Chinatown? (He’s now portrayed in a new movie about Bruce Lee).
7) Where would you find a big rock built in honor of the first public school in the state of California?
8) Where was the old and first Chinese Telephone Exchange located in 1891 and the building is still here.
9) What was at the corner of Sacramento and Stockton Street before Mei Lun Yuen was built?
10) What was the name of the Hotel (where the Chinese Culture Center is located) before it became the Hilton Hotel?
11) What is the name of the first Asian Women’s Shelter (or “Home”) started by a church group back in 1874? (Hint: On Sacramento Street)
12) What was the name of the elementary school at 950 Clay before it was renamed after Gordon J Lau?
13) What was the name of the famous bar that even the Beatle’s visited in 1964? (Hint: it’s where Yau Gung Moon’s studio is located today).
14) What is the old “Nick name” for the New Lun Ting restaurant ?
15) What was the name of the old movie theater that was located at the current location of China Live on Broadway?
16) If there ever is an Earthquake again, God forbid, where should residents in Chinatown go for help? Where is the “Staging Area” for Chinatown?

UPDATE: Here are the answers. Thank you for participating. (11/20/17)

You could win a small prize by mailing in your answers. Only the first 50 Winners with the correct answers will get a small prize. Submissions must be postmarked before November 19, 2017.

Send to:
Rev. Norman Fong (CONTEST)
Chinatown CDC
1525 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

(Make sure to include a self addressed stamped return envelope).

Originally published in Sing Tao Daily on November 5, 2017


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