Chinatown Transportation Research and Improvement Project (TRIP) is a community volunteer organization with the mission to improve quality of life for residents, shoppers, merchants, workers, city agencies, and tourists. TRIP was founded during the craft workers strike of 1976 when a group of MUNI bus drivers formed a shuttle service to transport elderly Chinatown seniors to their medical appointments and care workers to homebound seniors. The group continues their grassroots community advocacy by improving transportation and pedestrian safety in Chinatown through research and planning, bringing improvements to transit service, traffic circulation, quality of life, and pedestrian safety.

Phil Chin, Chinatown CDC board member says, “By their very nature, transportation and safety related efforts aren’t very high profile or sexy unless there is a fatality or serious injury, so most of the time, TRIP’s efforts are not very visible. TRIP’s work involves analyzing plans and practices with an eye to exposing the problems that they pose to community residents and users.”

Currently, TRIP is monitoring the Transit Efficiency Project (TEP) and the Van Ness BRT Project of MUNI to ensure that community users can benefit from the proposed changes; reviewing the bus stop and colored zones along Kearny between Washington and Jackson to improve pedestrian safety; and continuing to monitor progress and developments of the Central Subway Project.

Other examples of TRIP’s most recent accomplishments include:
- Advocated on behalf of Chinatown CDC youth to provide low-income youth of San Francisco free access on MUNI buses during a 16-month trial period, which started in March 2013.
- Initiated the installation of bus bulbs on Stockton Street to speed up passenger boarding and to improve passenger safety
- Early advocates for the study of a high volume rail transit service option that resulted in plans for extension of the T- line and the Central Subway on Stockton Street, which is now under construction
- Successfully advocated with MUNI to add the 83 Pacific Avenue MUNI bus line and 30 Express service stop in Chinatown and the direct transit link to the Outer Richmond which resulted on the conversion of the 55 Sacramento line to the current 1 California line.
- Helped create the Chinatown Park & Ride Shuttle to ease traffic congestion in Chinatown.
- Led the effort for installing the Scramble Light Signals on Stockton Street to improve pedestrian crossing safety.
- Advocated for the Broadway Envisioning Plan, which led to pedestrian safety improvements along Broadway from Battery to Powell Streets.
- Worked with Chinatown CDC to create the first neighborhood Chinatown Pedestrian Safety Needs Assessment and Plan.

Members of TRIP include Phil Chin; Wil Din, (MTC's Citizen Advisory Committee); Landy Dong; Christina Tang, (Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee); Ben Ng; Harvey Louie; Angelina Yu; Deland Chan, (San Francisco Transportation Plan Citizen Advisory Committee); and other community volunteers.


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