Thank you to all who supported Feed + Fuel Chinatown during the COVID-19 pandemic!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place order, we shifted our organizational work plan in March to make the reduction of disease transmission in Chinatown SROs and public housing our highest priority.

During that time, we launched the Feed + Fuel Chinatown program, providing meals to our most vulnerable population, seniors and families living in SROs and public housing by directly funding the reopening of Chinatown legacy restaurants to feed the residents.

For the past three months, we have accomplished much to protect Chinatown and the legacy restaurants, while keeping our staff, volunteers, and residents safe.

Program highlights:

  • 122,000 meals provided to seniors and residents living in SROs and public housing.

  • 15 Chinatown CDC staff deployed to help with food packaging and distribution each day.

  • Over 150 volunteers mobilized over the past 3 months, completing 1,400 volunteer shifts and 2,000 volunteer hours.

  • 34 Chinatown restaurants participated in the program.

Thanks to our Video Creators: Mitchell Chang and Suosdey Penn.


“1/3 of the tenants in this SRO building are seniors. With the help of this program, we don't need to go to the kitchen to cook, nor do we need to go out to buy groceries frequently. We can avoid the risk of exposing ourselves to infection since we are very vulnerable. Sometimes a portion of the lunchbox is big enough to serve as both lunch and dinner. It also alleviates our financial burden in terms of buying food. I really appreciate all the volunteers' effort and this program meant a lot to us."

“My husband and I both got laid off on the second day after the Mayor announced the shelter in place order. I never felt so helpless before since we lost all sources of income. When I found out about CCDC’s Feed + Fuel Chinatown Program for the SRO families, I was so relieved. I received free meals Mondays to Fridays through this program. It reduced my trips to the market and close contact with others, which minimized my chances of getting infected. And the time I got to save from prepping for meals, I got to spend it all on my children. In addition, I saved a lot of expenses for the past two months because of this program. I feel the deepest appreciation of Chinatown CDC for the timely assistance given to the community during this difficult time. I am grateful to all the people and organizations who have donated to help SRO residents like my family."

“Before the COVID-19 epidemic hit, I was working and keeping active by caring for my grandson. When the meal deliveries began, I was very grateful because it lessened the stress that I was experiencing with having a loss in my income and providing for my family.

While seeking help from Resident Services to assist with accessing available resources, I observed the volunteers awaiting the drop-off of the meals for Ping Yuen and felt compelled to offer my assistance. Volunteering allowed me to once again be active and also greet my neighbors and uplift their spirits delivering meals to them. I later got my grandson involved as he was spending too much time playing video games!”

“Every little thing counts during this time. The Feed + Fuel Chinatown voucher program helped us a lot with ensuring we had business and helped us offset the cost of staying open.”

Thank you for helping us Feed + Fuel Chinatown!

June 30, 2020

March 25, 2020

Feed + Fuel Chinatown

To support Chinatown, Seniors and SRO Residents

Your donation will support SF Chinatown restaurants to feed vulnerable residents living in Single Room Occupancy hotels (SROs) and public housing.

Feed + Fuel Chinatown Goals:
(1) Fund shuttered legacy restaurants to reopen and get employees back to work.

(2) Provide up to 1,600 meals a day to vulnerable residents in SROs and public housing, through partnerships with Self Help for the Elderly and SF New Deal.

(3) Reduce disease transmission in SROs (Chinatown’s congregate housing) by minimizing the need to cook in communal kitchens.

CCDC’s COVID-19 Response:
We have shifted our organizational work plan to make reduction of disease transmission in Chinatown SROs and public housing our highest priority. Our plan:
(1) Decrease the use of communal kitchens: Feed + Fuel Chinatown program is a responsive initiative created to protect our most vulnerable population who find physical distancing to be nearly impossible to practice. We have launched three food security programs:
  • Community Kitchen Meal Take-out Program: CCDC is partnering with New Asia Restaurant to provide 700 take-out meals for SRO families, 5 days a week.
  • Senior Meal Delivery Program: CCDC is partnering with Self Help for the Elderly to deliver hot meals to approximately 300 seniors living in our SROs, 5 days a week.
  • Voucher Meal Take Out Program: CCDC is purchasing vouchers from a variety of Chinatown legacy restaurants to distribute to SRO residents who do not qualify for the above two meal programs.

(2) Help seniors in Chinatown’s Ping Yuen and other public housing buildings to shelter in place: CCDC is partnering with SF New Deal, Far East Café, and Capital Restaurant to deliver 300-600 meals a day to public housing seniors, 5 days a week.

(3) Decrease risk of disease infection while using shared bathrooms in SROs:
  • We’ve tripled our daily cleaning schedule and installed hand sanitizer dispensers on every floor of our buildings.
  • We’ve created a deep-cleaning team to rapidly respond to any COVID-positive cases that arise.
  • Resources permitting, we plan to provide all our SRO residents with surgical masks.

Donations will fund direct payment to Chinatown legacy restaurants, the additional costs of implementing door to door delivery in SRO’s, and the personal protective equipment needed to keep our staff, volunteers, and residents safe while running this program.

Please make a donation to keep Chinatown safe, food secure, and economically vibrant, at this extremely difficult time. No contribution is too small. Please share this fundraiser page with your friends and family. Thank you.


By check made payable to Chinatown CDC and mark on the memo: “Feed + Fuel Chinatown”

All checks can be mailed to:
Chinatown Community Development Center
1525 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
Attn: Office of Resource Development

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