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Last updated: May 7, 2021

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Chinatown CDC is re-launching Feed + Fuel Chinatown to address the resurging needs of Chinatown businesses and residents living in Single Room Occupancy hotels (SROs). In partnership with SF New Deal, we seek to provide 300,000 meals to Chinatown SRO residents over a 15-week period, using up to 70 Chinatown based restaurants. Cost projection for this project is $3.5M. We are seeking support from the community to raise $1,000,000.


  • SRO Resident Safety: minimize communal kitchen usage in SRO’s by providing prepared meals that SRO residents do not have to prepare.

  • SRO Resident Food Security: SRO’s are considered housing of last resort for most households. Not surprisingly, SRO residents are categorically in the extremely low income (ELI) income bracket and are also among the most physically vulnerable, with over 50% of SRO residents being seniors. A disproportionately high number of working aged adults living SRO’s are employed in the service sector and as a result nearly 77% have lost their jobs during the City's lockdown. Nearly 100% have experienced reduced employment.

  • Saving Chinatown Restaurants: Chinatown restaurants are under severe distress from COVID 19. Many are on the brink of closing. In a December 21, 2020 meeting, restaurant operators identified a meals program as the best mechanism to keeping their doors open. Chinatown restaurants, in many respects, are irreplaceable. Restaurants weave the underlying cultural fabric of the community – serving as affordable banquet spaces, impromptu meeting venues, and respite spaces for individuals living in cramped SRO’s. Many Chinatown restaurants, because they are so affordable, also serve as de facto food security assets.

  • Employment: This program will help re-employ a significant number of restaurant workers, many of whom are ELI SRO residents themselves. In an August 2020 survey conducted by Chinatown CDC of close to 300 SRO families, approximately 43% indicated that they are restaurant workers. Seventy seven percent (77%) also indicated that they had become unemployed during the pandemic.


By check made payable to Chinatown CDC and mark on the memo: “Feed + Fuel Chinatown 2.0”

All checks can be mailed to:
Chinatown Community Development Center
1525 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
Attn: Office of Resource Development

Questions? Call (415) 984-1462 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Video about Feed + Fuel Chinatown 1.0


The original Feed + Fuel Chinatown: Chinatown CDC, in partnership with Self-Help for the Elderly and SF New Deal, distributed 122,000 meals to 1000+ SRO and public housing residents over a 2 ½ month period at the onset of COVID shelter in place. Feed + Fuel Chinatown 1.0 utilized 34 Chinatown restaurants. The program distributed meals via delivery and issuance of vouchers for takeout at the relevant restaurant and received strong positive feedback from restaurants and meal recipients.

Chinatown CDC paused the program in early July due to several factors. First, COVID numbers in Chinatown remained surprisingly low and SRO residents had self-organized within buildings to spread out usage of common kitchens. Second, grocery stores remained open, did not appear to drive increasing COVID numbers, and re-established themselves as a safe, anchor food security resource for Chinatown SRO residents. Third, the City had authorized outdoor dining and Chinatown CDC, in partnership with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, switched strategies to support restaurants to adapt to this new opportunity.

Come late November, COVID numbers across San Francisco began to surge, including a significant uptick in SRO’s. City public health officials shut down outdoor dining out of an abundance of caution. This in turn devastated many restaurants who were just starting to see gains from outdoor dining. As a result, numerous restaurants signaled that they could not continue to stay in business. The most public and perhaps most crucial of these restaurants is the 100 year old Far East Café – one of two remaining large community banquet spaces.

In early December, a coalition of Chinatown organizations (Chinatown CDC, Chinese Chamber, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Chinatown Merchants Association, API Council, Be Chinatown, and Chinese Progressive Association) joined together to push for a Chinatown relief package. In a December 21 meeting with City officials and restaurant operators, the restaurant operators identified the relaunch of Feed + Fuel Chinatown as the clear priority for sustaining them.

In response, Chinatown CDC will work with SF New Deal to relaunch a “2.0” version of Feed + Fuel Chinatown. This “relaunch” has gained support from Mayor London Breed through the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and the Human Services Agency, and District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

Feed + Fuel Chinatown 2.0:

SF New Deal has agreed to administer Feed + Fuel Chinatown 2.0 with support from Chinatown CDC. While SF New Deal and Chinatown CDC are still working out the distribution of functions, SF New Deal will take on the bulk of restaurant onboarding and payment and meal recipient signup and screening. Chinatown CDC will take on the bulk of community outreach and voucher production and distribution. Because of the unique and higher risk environment of SRO buildings, this program will be limited to Chinatown SRO residents, unlike Feed + Fuel Chinatown 1.0 that included public housing residents.

We are launching “Phase I” of Feed + Fuel Chinatown 2.0 in mid-January 2021 with 10 restaurants. We seek to administer the program for a minimum of 15 continuous weeks and ideally until the City’s “re-opening.”

While Phase I will include 10 restaurants, Chinatown CDC has identified up to 70 restaurants who remain open and are able to participate in the program. Our goal is to enroll at least 60 of these restaurants Through their existing experience with administering the Great Plates and Human Services Agency congregate site meal program, SF New Deal projects that typically each restaurant will need a minimum of $3000 / week in meal subscriptions and a minimum 8 week commitment to make this program sustainable. Feed + Fuel Chinatown 2.0 will pay restaurants between $10 - $12 per meal or $30 for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Chinatown CDC will conduct community outreach. SF New Deal will develop a Chinese language signup and screening process through a call center. Chinatown CDC will support SF New Deal to develop this process.

Feed + Fuel Chinatown has secured the initial $2.5M funding (Chinatown CDC: $100,000, The Human Services Agency: $500,000 and $1.9M supplemental budget appropriation introduced by Supervisor Aaron Peskin. This bill will go to a final vote at the Board of Supervisors in mid-February. This initial $2.5M can fund a minimum of 11 weeks of Feed + Fuel Chinatown 2.0.

Chinatown CDC seeks to raise an additional $1,000,000 through philanthropic and individual donor sources to extend the program for an additional 4 weeks to make Feed + Fuel Chinatown 2.0 a 15-week program. The goal is to keep the Chinatown restaurants on life support for a few more months with the hope that the pandemic curve will be flattened by then and the city will re-open for business again.

Donations will fund direct payment to Chinatown restaurants.

To save Chinatown restaurants, please make a donation to this incredible project now. No contribution is too small. Please share this fundraiser page with your friends and family. Thank you.

For more information and if you have any questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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About SF New Deal
SF New Deal began as a rapid-response program mobilized on 3/23/20 to provide immediate relief to small businesses and our city’s most vulnerable populations. To date, we have delivered over 1.3 million meals and disbursed more than $13,980,000 to 100+ local restaurants. Our partnerships keep the local community healthy, fed, and sheltered in place. Your dollars provide immediate income to local restaurants who are making meals for those in need.

Read about how Feed + Fuel Chinatown 1.0 has helped seniors, families and Chinatown businesses


“1/3 of the tenants in this SRO building are seniors. With the help of this program, we don't need to go to the kitchen to cook, nor do we need to go out to buy groceries frequently. We can avoid the risk of exposing ourselves to infection since we are very vulnerable. Sometimes a portion of the lunchbox is big enough to serve as both lunch and dinner. It also alleviates our financial burden in terms of buying food. I really appreciate all the volunteers' effort and this program meant a lot to us."

“My husband and I both got laid off on the second day after the Mayor announced the shelter in place order. I never felt so helpless before since we lost all sources of income. When I found out about CCDC’s Feed + Fuel Chinatown Program for the SRO families, I was so relieved. I received free meals Mondays to Fridays through this program. It reduced my trips to the market and close contact with others, which minimized my chances of getting infected. And the time I got to save from prepping for meals, I got to spend it all on my children. In addition, I saved a lot of expenses for the past two months because of this program. I feel the deepest appreciation of Chinatown CDC for the timely assistance given to the community during this difficult time. I am grateful to all the people and organizations who have donated to help SRO residents like my family."

“Before the COVID-19 epidemic hit, I was working and keeping active by caring for my grandson. When the meal deliveries began, I was very grateful because it lessened the stress that I was experiencing with having a loss in my income and providing for my family.

While seeking help from Resident Services to assist with accessing available resources, I observed the volunteers awaiting the drop-off of the meals for Ping Yuen and felt compelled to offer my assistance. Volunteering allowed me to once again be active and also greet my neighbors and uplift their spirits delivering meals to them. I later got my grandson involved as he was spending too much time playing video games!”

“Every little thing counts during this time. The Feed + Fuel Chinatown voucher program helped us a lot with ensuring we had business and helped us offset the cost of staying open.”

Thank you for helping us Feed + Fuel Chinatown!

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