Housing Matters: Bayside Elderly Apartments Re-opened Waitlist after 13 Years

Hundreds of seniors lining up at the Bayside Elderly Apartments to get a housing application.

San Francisco (April 15, 2014) -- It was good news to hear that the waitlist was re-opened at Chinatown CDC’s Bayside Elderly Apartments but disheartening to see the long line of hopeful seniors that stretched for about two blocks. During the week of March 25th, Chinatown CDC distributed housing applications at Bayside, and to date, over 4,500 completed applications have been submitted.

The demand for clean and safe affordable housing continues to grow each year. Many applicants were so anxious to pick up an application that they arrived several hours before our doors opened. Completed in 1990, Bayside Elderly Apartments provides 31 studio units for low-income seniors in San Francisco Chinatown at 777 Broadway Street. With support from Chinatown CDC staff, the residents are able to enjoy independent living among a supportive community of their peers.

Due to the high demand in affordable housing, Chinatown CDC received over 4,500 housing applications for the Bayside Elderly Apartments.

“The rent in San Francisco is just too expensive and it puts seniors like us at risk of not having a shelter,” said Mr. and Mrs. Chen, a senior couple waiting in line at Bayside. “Even though our chances of moving in [Bayside Elderly Apartments] are slim, we want our names on the waitlist and maybe we’ll be considered in the near future.”

Residents, especially seniors in this case, throughout the city hunger for affordable housing as rent and eviction cases increase. Through advocacy and housing development for low-income seniors and families, Chinatown CDC strives to reduce homelessness as much as possible one building, or one unit, at a time.


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