Chinatown CDC Statement on Budget

Chinatown CDC Statement on Budget

Chinatown Community Development Center applauds Mayor London Breed and Budget Committee Chair Connie Chan for crafting and passing a budget that centers on San Francisco’s communities. In addition to addressing core public safety and homelessness issues, this budget restored cuts by the Department of Building Inspection to core programs supporting low-income tenant’s ability to improve their housing situation.

“The SRO Families United Collaborative and the Code Enforcement Outreach Program are very important to all SRO families. The budget add back is good news to all monolingual low-income families who live in SROs in San Francisco. I am glad to learn the city still cares about us,” stated Li Qin Wu, an SRO family mother.

“The investment in these lifesaving programs with a long track record of delivering for low income residents shows that when community comes together and demands action from city hall the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor listen,” stated Matthias Mormino, Chief of Staff from Chinatown Community Development Center.

Core to this effort was the strong advocacy of our Chinatown grassroots leaders. “We applaud our leaders for their courage in speaking out and we thank the Mayor, Supervisor Chan, and the Board for listening. But I’m not surprised. Both Mayor and Supervisor Chan are deeply rooted in the communities of San Francisco and this was an expression of those values,” stated Malcolm Yeung, Executive Director of Chinatown Community Development Center.

June 30, 2023