937 Clay

937 clay

Address: 937 Clay Street
Phone: 415-872-9620

For several years Chinatown CDC has been engaged with residents of 937 Clay Street, a 71 unit SRO building, to assist residents in fighting for better housing conditions. The building is a priority for Chinatown CDC’s efforts to prevent displacement of vulnerable residents, as the low-income tenants were subject to harassment and vulnerable to displacement if the building were sold to a speculative investor. In 2018, Chinatown CDC received a loan totaling $11 million through the San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund (SFHAF) to support the purchase and rehabilitation of 937 Clay Street. The transfer of ownership to Chinatown CDC will permanently stabilize rents and protect tenants from eviction and displacement.

Building Information
Square Footage: 21,350
Unit Type: 71 Single-Room Occupancy units (SROs)
Waiting List: OPEN

Chinatown CDC Role: Developer, Owner, Manager
Funding Sources: N/A
Contractor: N/A
Architect: N/A
Construction Type: Rehabilitation
Development Cost: N/A