Opening Reception:
August 11th, 2016, 5pm - 8pm

August 11 to September 4, 2016
Thursday - Tuesday, 11am - 4pm (Closed Wednesday)

41 Ross, 41 Ross Alley, San Francisco, CA 94108


Lego Model

Youth volunteers from Chinatown Community Development Center have built a scaled lego representation of San Francisco's Chinatown. Each building is color-coded on the basis of building usage to show the significance of the diversity within Chinatown’s buildings. Residential, Retail, Industry, Neighborhood Services, and Open Spaces are all essential to the prosperity of Chinatown’s future. Although visitors will not be able to interact physically with the model, they can integrate their personal stories within specific places of Chinatown on the model itself. (The Future Team)

Mosaic Art Pieces

Mosaics are colorful pictures created through thoughtful arrangement of hard mosaic tiles. Our mosaic collection consists of pieces built by CCDC youth and staff, as well as senior residents within Chinatown. Some pieces symbolize expression of the essence of chinatown, while some pieces are simply expressions of artistic creativity. (The Future Team)

Chalkboard Wall

Interactive, community-based questions will be posed every other day, questions ranging from: “What is your favorite thing to do in Chinatown?” and “How do you idealize Chinatown’s future?” The chalkboard wall will be available on a daily basis, and chalk will be provided for visitors to write or draw their answers. (The Future Team)

Photo Gallery

The photo exhibit documents the history of the four Chinatown CDC youth programs, which are platforms for youth to develop and become leaders within their community. Along the photo gallery is a home-style seating arrangement that aims at making visitors feel “at home” as they observe the timeline of CCDC youth programs. (The Past Team)

Video Documentary

Our youth leaders are in the process of creating a documentary on the history of the youth programs. The team conducted interviews of several CCDC members ranging from AAA and YSRO youth leaders to the founder and Executive Director of CCDC himself, Norman Fong, to answer to the question: “What is made in Chinatown?” The participants detail their involvement in Chinatown and CCDC: how Chinatown has impacted them, how they have impacted Chinatown, and how they envision Chinatown to be in the future. Filmmaker James Q. Chan has been their mentor in this process. The exhibit will feature a teaser version of the documentary that will be completed in Fall 2016. (The Present Team)

Video Documentary Teaser Video


Chinatown CDC youth are celebrating 25 years of service in the Chinatown community. Organized by youth leaders, the “Made in Chinatown” exhibition observes youth contribution to Chinatown and the potential future of Chinatown. The exhibit features a selection of photographs and a short documentary film that documents the youth leaders' efforts to clean up and beautify alleyways, provide services for families in SROs, and educate seniors about pedestrian safety and water conservation. Visitors are invited to share their memories and visions of Chinatown through two maps: a street map of Chinatown and a full-scale 3-D model of Chinatown built out of Legos. The youth team is extremely versatile and diverse, with youth leaders from Lowell high School, Lincoln High School, Galileo High School, Washington High School, San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, University of California Santa Cruz, City College of San Francisco.

Youth Team

Past Team:
Liang Fu Wu (San Francisco City College)
Stephanie Chan (San Francisco State University)
Steven Jiang (San Francisco City College)
Kyle Hu (Lincoln High School)

Present Team:
Angela Iao (University of California, Davis)
Meifeng Deng (University of California, Davis)
David Trang (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Angel Liang (University of California, Los Angeles)

Future Team:
Andy He (Galileo High School)
David Yi (Galileo High School)
Maggie Dong (Lowell High School)
Lisa Yu (University of San Francisco)

Staff Team:
Judy Kuang (YSRO Coordinator)
Diana Lin (AAA Coordinator)

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