In the night of August 4, 1977, the San Francisco Sheriff and his deputies marched through a crowd of people resisting them, broke through barricades, and evicted low income Asian American seniors from their Single Room apartments at the International Hotel. The owner of the property wanted evict the residents and demolish the residential hotel to build a high-rise office building.

The I-Hotel struggle epitomizes the major issues our housing is intended to address: the potential displacement or exclusion of low income residents, particularly people of color, in a city where limited resources and more profitable land uses continually threaten their ability to be in a home.

It's that struggle, and others like it, that informs the work we do in the Housing Development Division every day. We use our expertise in housing development and construction management strategically to prevent displacement, to house those for whom market-based housing is unavailable, to improve housing quality, and to help strengthen communities and non-profit organizations serving local communities.

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Chinatown CDC utilizes our wide range of expertise to acquire, build, and rehabilitate housing to increase the availability of affordable housing in San Francisco.

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Chinatown CDC currently manages twenty six properties. Our staff keeps our buildings clean and works to ensure a quality living environment for all our residents.

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