Our Stories - Zilou Situ

I am already 74 years old. In the past several years, I have attended Chinatown CDC’s Grassroots Leadership Training and the national NeighborWorks Community Leadership Training.

These trainings helped me learn about community service and acquire management experience, which also motivated me to become a volunteer. Every week at the Coffee Hour held by the building I live in, I would lead all residents in the karaoke activity and teach them to sing, which entertains everyone’s physical and mental health while livening up the meetings.

Additionally, after attending the trainings, residents are more willing to speak up for themselves and their needs. I was part of a team of residents that advocated to keep a bus stop accessible for seniors. MUNI, the local transportation agency, wanted to move a bus stop from right outside of our building to a location up one of San Francisco’s steep hills. We advocated to keep the bus stop in front of Notre Dame by drafting comments in favor of keeping the MUNI stop, meeting with public officials and speaking at a rally in front of City Hall. As a result of our efforts, the bus stop remained in its original location.

I thank Chinatown CDC and its staff for giving us the support, assistance and motivation. Thank you!


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