Chinatown CDC Resiliency Fund

To support Chinatown, Seniors and SRO Residents

The team at Chinatown CDC is closely monitoring developments with the Coronavirus with our first priority being the health and safety of seniors in Chinatown SROs and residents we serve, our staff and volunteers. Based on recent developments and assessments by local, state, and national health experts, it is clear that circumstances are changing every day. As new cases of COVID-19 are reported in the Bay Area, seniors who live in SROs and those in public affordable housing are the most vulnerable and in desperate need of help.

Chinatown CDC owns and operates over 3,000 units of 100% affordable housing. Well over 50% of our population are among those most vulnerable to COVID 19’s worst health impacts. Many live-in high-density single room occupancy hotels that facilitate transmission without intervention. Residents in SROs are mostly seniors and very low-income families. It’s very common to find that a family of 2-4 people living in a tiny room, with shared kitchen and bathrooms. It is difficult, if not impossible, for them to practice social distancing. With the recent mandate of “Shelter-in-Place” by Governor Newsom, food security becomes the number one issue. It’s important, now than ever, for Chinatown CDC to continue to provide a high level of care that are critically needed by these seniors and residents.

We would ask you for a contribution today. Your contribution will support these five essential services:

1.) Food security for homebound or isolated seniors in SROs
2.) Wellness checks and access to health resources, and health care as necessary
3.) Housing stabilization including eviction defense and information & referral to lifeline services
4.) Educate seniors and residents about what shelter-in-place means and how to lower their risk of contracting Coronavirus
5.) Purchase extra protective equipment, like face masks, hand soaps and sanitizers for our seniors in SROs to lower their risk of getting infected, and for frontline workers to continue providing support services to residents or keeping our buildings clean.

You can help by making a donation either:

- online at


- By check made payable to Chinatown CDC and mark on the memo: “Chinatown CDC Resiliency Fund”

All checks can be mailed to:
Chinatown Community Development Center
1525 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
Attn: Office of Resource Development

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