by Rev. Norman Fong

November 18, 2019

norman fong

We all enjoy eating and drinking all kinds of food, but I know that many of us have to do better in terms of dental health, including me. Recently, the NICOS Chinese Health Coalition found out that the children of our community have bad oral health issues.

We don’t take care of our kids by taking them regularly to the dentists. I want everyone to be able to smile more confidently and have healthy teeth! A lot of people say: “Oh no, I don’t need dental care!” or “Oh it's too expensive.” I understand that and dental services can be so scary or confusing! But did you know that Smile, CA (Medi-Cal Dental) offers free or low-cost exams, x-rays, cleaning...and more! If you’re on Medi-Cal, look at this dental services chart to see what you are covered for... You can even get translation help on the phone for your dentist if he or she can’t speak Chinese.

This is not just for kids but Seniors who are known to suffer from gum diseases as they grow older. I’m sure we all want to continue enjoying delicious food as we grow older! So please brush your teeth twice a day, floss after eating, eat less sugar and see your dentists regularly using your Smile, CA Medi-cal if you qualify! Most people who already have Smile, CA dental coverage don’t even know how many services they could get! You need to “Use it or lose it”!! Spread the word and “SMILE” more.

Originally published in Sing Tao Daily on November 17, 2019

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