The Best of Hong Kong serving Chinatown

By Rev. Norman Fong

February 5, 2018

There are many “unsung heroes & heroines” who have given so much to help San Francisco’s Chinatown. Enoch Yee-Ching Fung is one of them. For over a decade, he has served the senior residents of Chinatown working here with Chinatown CDC. Why is he so special that the City & County of San Francisco named February 2, 2018 as Enoch Fung Day in San Francisco? Let me tell you why.

Enoch was part of the passionate generation that graduated from the Chinese University in Hong Kong that wanted to address the emerging social problems in housing there in the 1970s. He received his degrees in both social work & business administration and worked as a Housing Officer for the Hong Kong Housing Authority & as the Superintendent & Social Services manager for the Hong Kong Yan Chai Hospital…

enoch fung

Why is he so special? He was one of the best social workers from Hong Kong who chose to help San Francisco’s Chinatown. As he retires, he will be rejoining his wife in Hong Kong. The seniors loved Enoch as he was so caring & creative in his work with hundreds of seniors in our Chinatown CDC buildings. Enoch was so skilled but very humble in all the knowledge and experience he had gained through the decades. He also was a member of the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown and practiced great humility through his work. We will all miss him at Chinatown CDC but appreciate him so much for all his sacrifice to help Chinatown.

I will always remember his super-dedication, love for seniors, his community activism & most of all his teaching all the staff of Chinatown CDC on how to do Tai Chi exercises! Ha! Ha! Enoch had the best “attitude” in life that inspired so many of us at work because – in his words: “I just want to make people happy”. He also solved many relationship problems with residents of many different cultural backgrounds as well. Respect & true compassion were his core values. He taught many residents to be good neighbors.

enoch fung

enoch fung

Sometimes, we don’t appreciate all the people who work & volunteer for Chinatown – until they have to leave us. Personally, I just couldn’t leave my wife & family for a decade to serve another community like Enoch did. As you return home to Hong Kong, Enoch, know that you have made a huge difference here in San Francisco’s Chinatown. You have truly been a blessing to us & Chinatown! “All the Best to you” in Hong Kong.

Originally published in Sing Tao Daily on February 4, 2018


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