40 reasons why I truly Love My Mom

By Rev. Norman Fong

May 14, 2018

My son has made a card for my wife every year for Mother's Day every year since he was a kid, and now he is an adult. I found one that he recently wrote entitled, “40 Reasons why I Truly Love You!” Here is that list. On this Mother’s Day, think about the reasons you love your mom or a relative who raised you.

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1. You still wake up early just to warm up my breakfast
2. You still love me even though I once called you horse (馬馬) in Chinese.
3. You supported me when I didn’t know what I wanted for my future.
4. You always give me the best advice.
5. You try your best to make my skin nice.
6. You always make the best soup.
7. You always call me to make sure I’m OK.
8. You’re always thinking of what’s best for my future.
9. You give me freedom when a lot of parents don’t.
10. You always kiss me on the cheek.
11. You always make sure we don’t go broke.
12. You are always there to hug me when I get home.
13. You let me choose my path in life.
14. You forgive me when I do something dumb!
15. You always have faith in me.
16. You spent so much time teaching me Chinese.
17. You gave me life!
18. You always pick me up from school.
19. You taught me to love Hong Kong milk tea!
20. You laugh at all my silly jokes!
21. You know when to be hard on me.
22. You’ve shown me how to be a good person.
23. You always tell me to be happy and look on the positive side.
24. You let me sleep in when I’m tired.
25. You always make sure I have a lunch.
26. You make sure I have good fashion!
27. You give me love but also enough space.
28. You let me pull your hair when I was younger.
29. You carried me home when I was a baby.
30. You accept my faults and who I am.
31. You taught me to value family over material things.
32. You always came to my band concerts and soccer matches when I was a kid.
33. You always try to make sure I am safe.
34. You raised me with Chinese culture.
35. You are always sharing your stories from your past.
36. You listen to me when I have problems.
37. You bring home fruits to make sure I eat healthy
38. You sacrificed so much for me.
39. You show me unconditional love.
40. You have given me the best family a person could ask for! I am always happy no matter what because I have you and Dad. I feel so blessed; I hope you know how much I love you!

mothers day ccdc

mothers day ccdc

Originally published in Sing Tao Daily on May 13, 2018

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