CCDC 43 Years: Dear Chinatown
Our online celebration includes a short film paying tribute to Chinatown's resilience (featuring CCDC staff and community supporters), and a montage of special guests reading 'love letters' to Chinatown—headlined by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House.

CCDC 44 Years: Chinatown is in the Heart
We've been through so much this past year and a half. It's been overwhelming and heartwarming to see how so many people came together to support Chinatown. This support came from people like you, and got us over the hump. And it reminded us of how Chinatown truly stays in the heart. That's why this year, our annual gala will highlight the numerous ways folks hold Chinatown in their hearts.

CCDC 45 Years: Chinatown in Bloom
Together we celebrated "Chinatown in Bloom" and Chinatown's reemergence as a strong and welcoming community for new immigrants, working families, and local businesses to thrive.