Civic Engagement

civic engagement
Chinatown CDC is committed to engage low income, monolingual communities to participate in the electoral process through voter education, participation and to encourage voter registration. We also outreach to public housing residents and provide advocacy support on the RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) Program.

Voter registration
- We work to increase voter education and participation, starting with one of the first steps towards civic engagement: voter registration. Our multilingual staff provide assistance to clients with the registration process.
- Outreach efforts within and outside of Chinatown CDC buildings are aimed at supporting our residents, clients, and members of the community in understanding and becoming involved with the issues that touch their lives through exercising their rights as voters to voice their opinions.

Resident Engagement on RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) Program
- We outreach to public housing residents and provide advocacy support before, during and after conversion.
- Continuously find opportunities and ways for public housing residents to be engaged and participate in RAD process.
- Continuously building trust/relationship with residents by encouraging resident participation in community building events/meetings.
- Ensure that there is a transparency communication between Chinatown CDC and the residents that their input/feedback will be implemented into the planning process.
- Train and cultivate residents to be leaders of the community.