Livable Streets

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The majority of Chinatown residents depend on safe streets and public transit to reach their daily destinations. Although Chinatown has the lowest rate of car ownership, it experiences the highest volume of traffic of any neighborhood in San Francisco. Chinatown CDC works with community partners to ensure a balance between the various modes of transportation that contribute to Chinatown’s vitality.

Broadway Streetscape
After the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 and the demolition of the Embarcadero Freeway, residents and merchants saw an opportunity to revitalize Broadway from its economically depressed state. Working with local agencies and organizations, we started the Broadway Streetscape Improvement Envisioning Plan to transform the Broadway corridor from a highway into a neighborhood destination through quality streetscape improvements. Phases I and II of the Broadway Streetscape Improvement Project resulted from collaboration among city agencies and community groups. With successful community organizing, the project received a $1.8 million grant to implement the streetscape improvements. The last portion of the project covers improvements on Broadway from Grant Avenue to the Broadway Tunnel.

Pedestrian Safety Study and Plan
Chinatown CDC developed the Pedestrian Safety Plan following an in-depth study of Chinatown pedestrian safety. The plan prioritizes eight areas to direct future funding for pedestrian street improvements. Project areas of highest priority have high pedestrian volumes and poor pedestrian amenities. Rather than wait for another pedestrian fatality or accident to spur action, the Chinatown Pedestrian Safety Plan proactively offers design solutions that will increase safety and complement education and enforcement efforts. For each project area, recommendations suggest design improvements to reduce the speed of cars, enhance pedestrian visibility, safety and comfort, and improve the overall quality of life in Chinatown.